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Announcing the Hillel International Online Book Club!

by Hillel News |Jul 10, 2014|Comments

At Hillel, we celebrate Jewish learning and living, the pursuit of social justice, and connection to peers and the global Jewish people, giving students the opportunity to explore Judaism on their own terms and find what inspires them about our heritage.

Now, we’re excited to announce our online book club. It’s a new way to connect the Jewish community, and to initiate deep conversations about what Jewish life means to each of us. It’s a place to make your voices heard and to talk about living Jewishly together– and with a good book.

Because Hillel focuses on spiritual journeys, we chose Pilgrim: Risking the Life I Have to Find the Faith I Seek by Lee Kravitz, former editor of Parade Magazine, as the first read for our Hillel Online Book Club. Our first meeting will take place online on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 7 PM EDT.

As our President and CEO Eric Fingerhut shares, “There’s nothing like opening a new book and being completely drawn in after just the first page. That’s how I felt when I read the first few lines of Pilgrim: Risking the Life I Have to Find the Faith I Seek. Lee Kravitz embarks on a spiritual journey in which he ultimately rediscovers his own Judaism, diving into the complexities of our religion and heritage.”

In September, we’ll have our first book club video chat with author Lee Kravitz. We hope you’ll join us by signing up here! You can order your copy of Pilgrim on Amazon.com today using Hillel’s unique link, and at no cost to you, Hillel will receive a portion of the purchase.

Happy reading!

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