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Statement from Hillel International President and CEO Regarding Participation in J Street Conference

by Hillel News |Mar 09, 2015|Comments

Hillel International President and CEO Eric Fingerhut released the following statement today regarding the upcoming J Street Conference:

“Over the weekend, J Street listed me as a speaker at their upcoming conference.  They did this with the permission of my office. I have concluded that I should not participate in the conference. I regret the inconvenience I have caused.”

“My desire to attend the conference was based on my wish to speak at a student-only session directly with the students who will be in attendance, to thank those who have joined in the fight against BDS and anti-Semitism on college campuses, and to urge everyone to take up this crucial cause. However, after reviewing the full list of speakers, I now realize that any benefit that might come from this opportunity would be overshadowed by concerns regarding my participation amongst other speakers who have made highly inflammatory statements against the Jewish state.”

“I apologize to the students who looked forward to my appearance, and especially thank those among them who have been active in the fight against BDS. I will seek out other opportunities to meet with them. I welcome J Street U students as members of the entire Hillel family and I know that our campus Hillel professionals do as well.”

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