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WATCH: National Hillel Basketball Tournament 2015 Recap Video

by Joseph Tuchman |Jul 30, 2015|Comments

We hope you are having a fantastic summer. 

Now that a few months have passed since National Hillel Basketball Tournament (NHBT) 2015, and thanks to the summer, our team has been able to recover from all the hard work that went into this year’s tournament. Having recovered from the tournament, we are finally able to reflect on how unbelievable of a weekend it was. The basketball level was at a all-time high - as you know, we had 44 teams from over 30 universities across the US, over 1,000 fans in for the weekend and really competitive basketball (a semi-final game was won by a triple overtime buzzer-beater!). However, ultimately, the weekend programming that we built was the key ingredient to this magical weekend. We had 600 people at Shabbat dinner, a speaking panel of Jews in the professional basketball world, a competitive game show competition, an awesome closing BBQ, and many social events enabling Jews from all over the country to meet and become friends with one another.  

This year’s tournament would not have been nearly the success it was, without our amazing NHBT family! We are so fortunate to have amazing sponsors and partners to help build this year’s tournament into something truly special. Thank you so much for being a part of the weekend and welcome to the NHBT family! 

In order to remind you how amazing NHBT’15 was, we are so excited to share this brand new NHBT’15 Recap Video with you! You may see some familiar faces. :)

Although the video provides a great closure on NHBT’15, rest assured - the NHBT team has already begun planning NHBT’16 - which we are confident will take the tournament weekend to an even higher level! 

We hope you enjoy the video. Thanks again!


Joseph Tuchman and the NHBT team

Joseph Tuchman is the Chairman of the National Hillel Basketball Tournament and is a rising senior at the University of Maryland.

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