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"This Year I Hope to..."

by Hillel News |Sep 02, 2015|Comments


In preparation for Rosh Hashanah, we have decided to share our hopes and dreams for 5776, in hopes that you, too, will share with us. We hope this will enable us to reflect together as a community as we prepare for the year ahead.

To contribute to our 'This Year I Hope to...' Project, follow the steps below:

1. Print out this document.
2. Fill it out. Be honest, open, creative!
3. Take your best selfie with it. 
4. Share on social media with the hashtag #Hillel, and tag our page! (Hillel International on Facebook, @hillelintl on twitter and instagram)

Stay tuned to see what we create together!

Want to participate without submitting a selfie? Type up your hopes for the New Year and submit them here. While you're there, see what others are sharing, too!

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