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Elul 25: Distraction

by Hillel News |Sep 09, 2015|Comments

First Blast: Text

אַל-תִּתְּנֵנִי בְּנֶפֶשׁ צָרָי

Do not deliver me to the desires of my adversaries


Second Blast: Commentary

What exactly do the speaker’s adversaries desire? According to the medieval commentator Radak, they hope to distract him by fighting physical wars, such that he will not have time to serve God. Dealing with the daily struggles prevents the fulfillment of the spiritual pursuits the speaker described so strongly earlier in the psalm.


Third Blast: Commentary

It is easy to become distracted by daily problems and concerns, which can turn us aside from our spiritual and personal goals. As Rosh Hashannah approaches, determine what those goals are for you for the coming year. Spend some time writing how you hope to grow and change in the coming year.


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