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Elul 26: False Testimony

by Hillel News |Sep 10, 2015|Comments

First Blast: Text

כִּי קָמוּ-בִי עֵדֵי-שֶׁקֶר וִיפֵחַ חָמָס

For false witnesses and speakers of evil have risen against me.


Second Blast: Commentary

The Ten Commandments forbid bearing false witness, and elsewhere (Deuteronomy 19), the Torah says that false witnesses must be punished with the same punishment they sought for the person about whom they testified. That passage uses the same word חָמָס (hamas, evil, malice) as our verse to describe the motives of the false witness.


Third Blast: Practice

Sometimes we can fall into the trap of offering false testimony against ourselves, telling ourselves a story about our lives that we know deep down is not or does not have to be true. These false testimonies serve as a crutch for our souls that prevents us from fully living the lives we know we can have. Take a moment today to write down one such false testimony, and consider what new story you can tell in its place.


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