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The Art of Welcoming

by Arielle Greenwald |Sep 30, 2015|Comments

Arielle_Greenwald_square.During the High Holiday season, our Jewish and academic calendars coincide in a way that allow us to welcome incoming and returning students in meaningful ways. This year, Sukkot begins during the transition from Week 1 to Week 2 of our 10 week fall quarter. Recognizing the Sukkah as a tangible representation of openness and inclusivity, our interns will use text-inspired art to create intentional, welcoming space.

As network weavers and community builders, our interns have the responsibility to be mindful of the needs of others. We’ll open our session with a series of questions to help the interns reflect on how they identify and create welcoming, inclusive community space.

Together we’ll consider ways in which we can make our spaces more inviting by drawing on texts related to welcoming guests and the Ushpizin of Sukkot (kabalistic ritual of welcoming one of 7 mysterious guests into the Sukkah). Acknowledging the transient nature of the Sukkah, and the commitment required to creating inclusive community, the interns will reflect on the text and creatively represent a portion, a phrase, a word, that resonates with them. Each intern will have the opportunity to discuss the inspiration for their work and to debrief the experience. We’ll hang the completed art on the eastern wall of our Sukkah.

Arielle Greenwald is the Director of Engagement at Drexel Hillel. Arielle previously worked at the Center for Jewish Life – Hillel at Princeton University where she served as the Director of Strategic Initiatives.

Drexel Hillel's Sukkah, 2014

Drexel Hillel Peer Network Engagement Interns at Hillel Institute at Washington University in St. Louis, August 2015

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