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Two-Line Torah: Toledot 5776--Reversals are Possible

by Hannah Schaeffer |Nov 08, 2015|Comments
Rivkah, struggling through a tough pregnancy, asks of God, “Why do I exist?”
God tells Rivkah, “Two nations are in your womb…and the elder will serve the younger”. Years later, Rivkah holds true to this vision. Despite Esau’s status as firstborn and his special place in Isaac’s heart, Rivkah was determined to empower Jacob to continue the covenant and carry the Jewish people into the future.
With the stress and responsibilities ingrained in the midst of the school year, it's easy to lose sight of why we are here and where we are going. Values and visions for our community that once seemed so impactful can start to feel like they’re slipping from our grasp, getting lost in logistics and schedules and the day to day.
From Jacob and Rivkah we learn that the obstacles that currently seem insurmountable may not be. Reversals are possible, barriers can be overcome. We must reinvigorate and rededicate ourselves to what is important to us.

Hannah Schaeffer is a senior at The George Washington University.

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