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Two-Line Torah: Vayeytze 5776--Seeing the Wow

by Glenn Ettman |Nov 15, 2015|Comments
Too many times in our lives we are stuck in the day to day.  We move from to-do lists, to Facebook messages, to class, and back again. We account for our moments rather than making our moments count. 

When Jacob wakes up from his dream, he exclaims that there is true holiness and wonder around him.  He is not looking for what is next on his list of things to do; rather, he marvels at the “right now.”

Jacob gives us the courage to marvel, to choose, to stutter, to be confused, and to realize.  And ultimately for us to say WOW, there is holiness all around.  We just need to be open to see it.

As our semesters make the final turn towards the end, we can get lost in the “what do I need to dos” such that we do not stop and see the wonder.  Perhaps just taking a moment to pause will give you the perspective you need.

Rabbi Glenn Ettman is the Rabbi at Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach.

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