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Make these eight creative chanukiot

by Hillel News |Dec 09, 2015|Comments

Looking to get in the holiday spirit with your Hillel? Grab your friends and your glue gun and get ready to make your own chanukiot.


Plastic Dinosaur Chanukiah (via Momfluential): Buy nine plastic toys, candle holders, wood and spray paint and you’re ready to go. If you’re looking for a whimsical chanukiah, look no further.


Pasta Chanukiah (via MV Times): This is like the macaroni necklace of chanukiahs. You’ll need an assortment of pasta, glue and spray paint. It may not be gluten-free, but it is creative and unique.


Branch Chanukiah (via Martha Stewart): This rustic chanukiah is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll need a branch, knots and paint.


Color Blocked Chanukiah (via Confetti Pop): Bring the color blocking trend to your celebration. There are countless color options. You’ll need wood candle sticks, metal candle cup inserts and craft paint.


Citrus Chanukiah (via Houzz): There’s an extra perk with this chanukiah. As the candles burn they’ll release oils from the fruit so your Hillel will be filled with a citrus scent.

Upcycled Glass Chanukiah (via Celebrations.com): Decorate nine bottles, add candles and you’re ready for Chanukah.


Copper Chanukiah (via Design Sponge): This is an elegant and chic chanukiah. Take a trip to a hardware store, and you’ll have everything you need.


Wood Chanukiah (via Martha Stewart): Customize this chanukiah to match your dorm room decor. You’ll need wood beads, glue, masking tape and paint.

Chag sameach! Now you’re ready for all eight nights of Chanukah.

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