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Two-Line Torah: Shemot 5776--Sustaining Relationships

by Lisa Stella |Dec 27, 2015|Comments

Each one of us has the ability to affect others in powerful ways. Reading through the beginnings of Moses’ story, I am amazed at how many people saved his life. Without the midwives saving the Hebrew boys against Pharaoh’s wishes, Moses’ mother, and quick-thinking sister Miriam, plus the compassionate daughter of Pharaoh, we would be without this leader. It was their agency that allowed Moses to be chosen by God for his role in the first place.

Everyone needs a support system in order to become his or her most successful self. Let’s take this break between semesters to consider those who we have helped to sustain and those we have sustained us this fall. What can we learn from those relationships?

May we begin the new semester like this new book of Torah, committed to building supportive communities, both personally and programmatically, so that we all grow stronger.

Rabbi Lisa Stella is the Senior Jewish Educator at University of Michigan Hillel.

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