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Six Hillel couples feel the love this Tu B'Av
by Hillel News |Aug 06, 2017|Comments

Today is Tu B’Av, also known as the Jewish Valentine’s Day! In honor of this holiday, meet six Hillel couples and hear their stories. 

"Our friendship started on Birthright when we were descending Mount Arbel and Daniel was behind me cracking joke after joke. We started talking more and tried being in the same groups for our different activities during the rest of the trip. As Birthright continued, so did our friendship. When we got back to the states we kept in touch and found out we lived right around the corner from each other, as if it was meant to be. After a few dates, he asked me to make it official and be his girlfriend. Then as the summer came to an end, I went back to Nova he went to FAU, but we still talked every day and saw each other on the weekends. Through Hillel, we were able to attend Shabbat dinners each Friday at FAU or Nova, as well as celebrate all the holidays together with Hillel and our families. We were also able to go on an Alternative Spring Break trip with Hillel as and community service events in South Florida. I think our connection and love for our religion is what makes our relationship so special.” Rachel Wapner, Nova Southeastern University '18

“Herb and I have been dating for about two years now. We have had our ups and downs, but we have a genuine love for one another, and have created a balance that works for us both. A constant in our relationship, nearly since day one, has been the Jewish community that Herb has introduced me to. Whether it’s Friday nights at Shabbat dinner, or Saturday nights partying at AEPI, the local Jewish Fraternity, I feel very much included. They have been very open to our relationship from the get go, and we have had no negative confrontations. Almost immediately, they welcomed us in as part of the group, and we have made some our closest couple friends as a result.” -Andrew DeGaetano, University of Iowa ‘19 

“Oy vey. Alec Benjamin Greenberg has definitely kept me on my feet. From convincing me that a hawk swooped up his dog so I would come over to only to find that he just wanted to hang out with me, to getting the entire security team in the Barcelona airport on board with his "forgotten passport" gig for his extravagant April Fools' joke, to his 6'4 petrified body dangling off the side of the Zavitan in the Golan Heights... no one makes me belly laugh harder. Besides the humor, he's my best friend and teammate. You've just got to love him... or at least I do.” -Tori Winner, University of Illinois ‘17

"Philippe is truly a light in my life; whether he's making me laugh with his terrible but admittedly clever puns, or cheering me up on my bad days, he always finds a way to brighten my day. He's a giant nerd with an even bigger heart who really cares about his friends and goes out of his way to show it. He's both my identical twin and total polar opposite - we have a lot in common and get along well, but also balance each other out." Lily Coltoff, American University '20

"One quality that I really admire about Dani is her ability to be adventurous as long as you give her a little push. She always keeps me on my toes and I believe that is one of the reasons why we are able to thrive in a long distance relationship. Even when we are 283 miles away when school is in session, we figure out ways to see one another, and arrange little trips just to keep the adventures going. It could be as simple as going out to dinner in the middle of Pittsburgh, or going to the Botanical Gardens in Delaware. The adventure will continue when we hope to go on Birthright together next summer!" -Josh Moskowitz, University of Pittsburgh '18

"What I like most about Paige is how well we get along. It's so easy to talk to her, because of how comfortable I am when I am with her. We met when we were young, around 10, I had a big crush on her, and those same feelings come rushing back every time I get to see her. To this day, we still laugh just as we did when we were kids at summer camp. I believe a large reason why our relationship is as strong as it is, is because we know we have built our relationship around our friendship, and not the other way around." -Joey Slovin, University of Cincinnati '18

--Compiled by Paige Gutter

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