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Updates from Hillel CASE (Central Asia Southeastern Europe)

by Hillel International | Nov 14, 2022 |

Hillel CASE Havdalah

We are excited to share regular updates on this page from the students and staff of Hillel CASE (Central Asia Southeastern Europe). 

  • Hillel Kyiv and Hillel Odessa Meet for Shabbat in Chernivtsi 
    • For the first time, the young adults of Hillel Kyiv and Hillel Odessa joined together to celebrate Shabbat in the historic city of Chernivtsi. Touring the city, visiting historical sites, and celebrating Shabbat were all on the itinerary. One surprise event: a marriage proposal, to which the answer was a resounding “yes”!
  • Helping Those in Need with Hillel Kyiv
    • At the conclusion of the High Holidays, students from Hillel Kyiv purchased and delivered food and other supplies to those in need in their city, even as air raid sirens sounded around them. 
  • Celebrating Sukkot in Odesa
    • Each year, students from Hillel Odesa join the Migdal Community Center to fulfill the commandments of Sukkot, have a delicious meal in the sukkah, and remember the history and traditions of the holiday. A great time was had by all!
  • Shabbat by Candlelight in Kyiv
    • After authorities requested residents of Kyiv to save electricity by turning off their lights, Hillel Kyiv observed Shabbat by candlelight. Participants who could not make it in person were able to join the service online. Shabbat was celebrated to the tune of vinyl records and calm conversations.
  • Hillel Kharkiv’s Havdalah and Paint Night
    • Students from Hillel Kharkiv gathered in a local coffee shop to observe Havdalah and have an evening of painting. This event marked their first time together since February. It was a beautiful chance for those gathered to reconnect after so many months apart.
  • Dealing with Anxiety at Hillel Odessa
    • Psychologist Tetyana Abramova met with members of Hillel Odesa to discuss addressing anxiety during stressful times. Participants found the session incredibly helpful, and they look forward to meeting with Dr. Abramova again soon.
 *Photo provided by Hillel CASE

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