College Guide College Guide Hillel’s Guide to Jewish Life at Colleges and Universities


Not all of the schools included in the College Guide are served by a Hillel. Information from these schools is provided to help you make informed decisions about the colleges and universities that best fit your needs. Individual College Guide record information is self-reported by the local Hillel professionals who serve that college or university. All statistics are estimates. You are strongly encouraged to speak to the local Hillel directly to confirm important facts about Jewish life.

All College Guide information is subject to change.

Awards and Badges
Awards such as ‘Top 60 by Jewish Population’ are based strictly on self-reported population numbers and do not indicate the level of service or quality of Jewish experience available.

Campus Information
Campus information, including tuition and size, is supplied by the colleges as public record. All details are subject to change, so please confirm important facts with the college directly.

Jewish Student Populations
The number of Jewish students listed is reported by the local Hillel and is based on estimates. Please speak to the local Hillel directly for more information about the Jewish student population.

Jewish Studies
Some schools do not offer Jewish studies majors or minors. Others allow you to create your own major, or to major in a field such as Religion with a concentration in Judaism. For more information about course offerings at a specific college or university, contact the campus directly.

Kosher Dining
Kosher dining on campus varies greatly from school to school, even if a full kosher meal plan is available. Some schools may not include breakfast in a full meal plan, or the plan may only offer sandwiches or frozen meals. On some campuses, students enjoy full kosher dining facilities or live in kosher residences. On others, students cook their own meals or take advantage of vegetarian options in regular dining halls. No matter what school you choose, contact your local Hillel to confirm the availability of kosher meals and for information about their kosher standards and supervision.


Some campuses have Rabbis or Jewish Educators on staff in addition to Hillel professionals. Contact the local Hillel or school to learn more.

Religious Services
While the College Guide includes availability of religious services on campus, please contact the Hillel directly to confirm the types, frequency, and locations of services.

Study Abroad
University policies around study abroad can change often. Please contact the school for the most up to date information.

Comments reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life or of the local Hillel.

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