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The Inclusive World of Jewish TikTok

May 14, 2021

“Jewish TikTok” has introduced Jews who never would have otherwise known one another and bonded them for a common goal: Jewish advocacy and education.

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Better Than a Comfort Zone: My Hillel Journey

May 12, 2021

Jewish life on campus wasn't what I initially expected, but it ultimately gave me the opportunity to learn more about the broader Jewish community. Along the way, I got very involved with Hillel programming and strengthened my own Jewish identity, learning more about myself.

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Hillels Unite Around Good Deeds Day: An Opportunity to Give Back

Apr 29, 2021

On Sunday, April 11, Hillel students from around the world participated in Good Deeds Day, a global day for volunteering and community service. This year, even with COVID-19 restrictions, 64 Hillels registered to participate.

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HillelWell microgrants help Hillels adapt and expand wellness offerings

Apr 28, 2021

In the year since Covid-19 entered our lives and altered what ‘normal’ student life looks like, Hillels across the country and around the world have been implementing new wellness programming to meet students, and their newfound wellness needs, where they’re at, with support from Hillel International’s HillelWell microgrants.

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