Frequently Asked Questions

The Hillel International Israel Summit will be an opportunity for Israel focused student leaders from across the US to come together and learn from top Israel community leaders and subject matter experts, network and incubate ideas together in a cross-campus environment, and provide Hillel International staff with constructive feedback on the ever-challenging campus climate. 

Participants will hear from top Israel focused leaders and role models during plenary sessions. Plenary speakers will include community leaders on both the local and national level, influencers, top thought leaders, and subject matter experts renowned for their leadership and Jewish advocacy. As the Israel Summit moves closer, we will continue to provide updates on speaker confirmations.

Participants will have the option of attending different breakout sessions focusing on all different areas of Israel leadership work on campus. These breakout sessions will be led by both outside consultants and Hillel International staff. These sessions include: 

  • Masterclass for Israel Club Presidents ,Hillel Israel Chair
  • Masterclass & Reunion for Israel Insight Fellows
  • Progressive Outreach and Understanding
  • Jewish Rights on Campus
  • Communications and Social Media
  • Tracking Delegitimization Efforts
  • The Hillel Student Movement
  • Geopolitics of Middle East
  • Antisemitism Education
  • Statewide Jewish Advocacy
  • Relational Advocacy
  • Security and Preparedness
  • Israel and Student Governments

Yes! Meals and snacks will be provided for participants throughout the summit. The application forms asks applicants to specify any dietary restrictions, and we will do our best to accommodate the needs of all participants.

The conference is business casual. Jeans and a blazer are fine. You can leave your suits and ties at home. 

  • You will likely meet some key Hillel International stakeholders and core partners during the Israel Summit, so please consider how you want to present yourself in those spaces.
  • We will be inside the conference center for most of the summit and the temperature can fluctuate from very cold in some rooms to very warm in others – please prepare adequately.
  • You’ll be walking around the hotel or conference center a lot – comfortable shoes help.
  • Please bring a raincoat in case there is scattered rain throughout the conference.

In order to qualify for flight or mileage reimbursement, we do expect you to attend the entire summit.  If there’s a specific need you have, please be in touch with [email protected].

For security reasons, we need all participants to register. We ask that you do not invite anyone to join you while you participate in the Israel Summit.

Though we won’t be out of the building much, and the local area is relatively safe, we recommend people stick together or take a partner if leaving the conference center.

All conference participants are required to provide proof of COVID vaccination during registration.

  • We recommend masking if taking mass transit to the conference to prevent exposure during travel.
  • Masks at the conference are optional, though we encourage those who feel more comfortable wearing them to do so.
  • Everyone experiences conferences differently. The days are long and can be tiring, so please pace yourself.
  • It may take a few minutes to find your next session, so factor in a little walking time. Invite another participant to stroll with you if you connect with them during a session.
  • Enjoy yourself! Use these moments to learn, ask questions, explore something important to you, and have fun!

There will be dedicated time for other participants in similar leadership roles or those with similar interests. You will find a list of breakout sessions, masterclasses, and plenary sessions in the program provided to you when you arrive at Israel Summit.