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Hillel’s Commitment to our Professionals

At Hillel, our culture empowers, recognizes, rewards, and strengthens our professionals. We are committed to ensuring every professional has access to personal enrichment and meaningful continuing education opportunities.

Ollie Benn.
Ollie Benn
San Francisco Hillel
"I have the opportunity to create a vibrant Jewish life for my students and create meaningful daily experiences on campus that provide community, education, support, and celebration."
Leah Chakoff.
Leah Chakoff
Penn State
"I love working for Hillel because I feel support not only from my staff but from staff across the Hillel world. It is nice to know that colleagues from all over care enough to offer their insight and personal experiences allowing me to grow as a person and as a young Jewish professional."
Rabbi Michelle Fisher.
Michelle Fisher
MIT Hillel
“We strive to create big question thinkers, caring leaders, and creative innovators able to see complexity, beyond the black and white solutions suggested by many of life’s hard questions.”

Hillel U: Invest in Yourself. Inspire the Future.hillelU_invest_in_yourself

Hillel U promises to be one of the most extensive professional continuing education programs in the Jewish communal world. It will be organized through four Centers of Learning that will offer multiple resources and opportunities, integrating existing and new offerings from within Hillel and in partnership with an array of external content partners.

The Center for Jewish and Israel Education is the first to launch, and will provide each of Hillel's 1000 professionals with at least one educational experience within this Center every year.


Hillel Talent Grants

Through the largest single investment in Hillel history, the Hillel Talent Grants will enable significant improvements for both individual professionals and campuses.

These grants are designed to allow each Hillel to receive the resources they need to address their unique talent needs, while also committing local Hillels to a common purpose, set of values, performance measures, evaluations and core training elements. The Hillel Talent Grants will award more than 500 grants per year.

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