Campus Climate Initiative

Rabbi Sandra (400x333)

As Jewish students face an often challenging climate on campus today, Hillel International’s Campus Climate Initiative (CCI) works collaboratively with higher education administrators to ensure a positive campus climate in which Jewish and pro-Israel students feel comfortable expressing their identity and values, free of harassment, hostility, or marginalization.

The CCI works with colleges and universities to provide training that empowers administrators and staff to understand the needs of Jewish students and the threats of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, and to take affirmative steps to address them. This training fits within higher education’s overarching commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, which includes addressing racism, discrimination, bigotry, and harassment on campus. 

The CCI works closely with a set of pilot campuses, and is developing a broader network of trained campus professionals through digital and online collaboration. In addition to working with individual campuses, the CCI creates, refines, and facilitates adoption of best practice policies and procedures that universities can customize to their unique campus environment. 

The CCI partners with local Hillel professionals, university administrators, and other Jewish community and higher education organizations to work toward shared goals of improving the campus climate for Jewish students and all students.

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