Purim celebrates the profound reversal of fortune experienced by the Jewish community of Persia when it was rescued by heroic intervention from Esther and Mordecai. We have Purim festivals, read the Book of Esther, and dress up in costume. Through these activities, we remember the upheaval of life for the Persian Jews before they were saved from Haman’s evil plot. Hillels around the world celebrate Purim with costume parties, concerts, and feasts. Check out our Purim at Hillel Facebook album and the video below to see their celebrations!

Hamantaschen for Haiti at Ohio Wesleyan Hillel

In celebration of Purim, Small & Mighty Ohio Wesleyan Hillel hosted Hamantaschen for Haiti: A Bake Sale. During the event, students and faculty learned about the story of Purim and joined together to perform community service in honor of Queen Esther's heroic actions. The students made hamentaschen (cookies in the shape of a 3-sided hat) from scratch, hosted a bake sale, and sold 200 Hamantaschen, which raised money for American Jewish World Services efforts in Haiti. Read more about OWU’s efforts at OWUJew.