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Oscar-Nominated Film Art Director at Brown-RISD Hillel
Not every Hillel offers students a teacher whose work won a Golden Globe Award or was nominated for an Academy Award. ...
Oscar-Nominated Film Art Director at Brown-RISD Hillel, Not every Hillel offers students, , according to Shirah Rubin, director of arts and culture at Brown/RISD Hillel. "One goal is for American, brings them all together."When Brown/RISD Hillel sponsored a screening of the film in a local movie, of Brown/RISD Hillel, explains that having Polonsky on campus falls in line with the organization's mission. "Brown/RISD Hillel believes that part of our core mission is expanding the lens of through

'The Gefilte Manifesto'
Jeffrey Yoskowitz has been passionate about traditional Ashkenazi Jewish foods since he was a student at Brown/RISD Hillel.
'The Gefilte Manifesto', Jeffrey Yoskowitz has been passionate about traditional Ashkenazi Jewish foods since he was a student at Brown/RISD Hillel. Now he’s turned that passion into a profession. After college, Yoskowitz and his co-founders Liz Alpern (pictured above with Yoskowitz) and Jackie Lilinshtein opened “The Gefilteria” in Brooklyn in 2012, hoping to rescue gefilte fish’s reputation, about his “gefilte manifesto” for a podcast with Hillel International. Check it out!

URJ's Rabbi Rick Jacobs on Leading Services at Hillel
“For the final shofar blast and havdallah, the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform services joined together. There was a palpable feeling of K’lal Yisroel, Jewish peoplehood, as we prayed and studied together as one people.” -Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism
URJ's Rabbi Rick Jacobs on Leading Services at Hillel, When Brown-RISD Hillel was looking for someone to lead Reform High Holiday services, they had an unexpected volunteer: President of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Rick Jacobs. As Rabbi Jacobs describes in his blog post, leading services at Hillel was “one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had so far as president of the Reform Movement.” He continues, “For the final shofar blast and havdallah, the Orthodox, Conservative

Congratulations Class of 2012!
Hillel sends a hearty Mazel Tov to all of the 2012 graduates, and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future end ...
University will hold graduation Shabbat events on May 18-19. Brown RISD Hillel will have a full, Congratulations Class of 2012!, Hillel sends a hearty Mazel Tov to all of the 2012 graduates, below. Feel free to share details of your own college's Hillel graduation festivities in the comments! Hillel at Binghamton University will host a special graduation Shabbat dinner on May 18 at 7:30 pm. San Francisco Hillel is hosting a graduation brunch for graduates and their families

Mazel Tov to Hillel's 2015 Award Winners!
Hillel presented 10 Richard M. Joel Exemplar of Excellence Awards to campus professionals and seven Drive to Excellence Awards to campus Hillels at the second annual Hillel international Global Assembly.
at UCLA Marshall Einhorn, Brown RISD Hillel Brown RISD Hillel Executive Director Marshall, Mazel Tov to Hillel's 2015 Award Winners!, Hillel International presented 10 Richard M. Joel, Hillels on Wednesday, Dec. 16 at the second annual Hillel International: Global Assembly. Join us, of Hillel reflects a culture of excellence. This year's recipients are: Sue Kurtz, Hillel at Virginia Tech Tanya Abovich, Kiev Hillel Maiya Chard-Yaron, Maryland Hillel Bev Shimansky Ades, Hillel

Hillel Jewish Agency Israel Fellow Involved in Attack in Rhode Island
At approximately 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, March 15, two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the off-campus apartment ...
at (401) 243-6406.The student Board of Brown RISD Hillel issued the following statement:We, the student executive board of Brown RISD Hillel, are horrified by the act of violence committed against Yossi, in which the Brown RISD Jewish Agency for Israel Fellow lives. One of the bombs entered his, messages of support to Brown Hillel. Hillel's Schusterman International Center has been in contact with the fellow and Brown's Acting Hillel Director Megan Nesbitt to offer support and assistance

We Stand with Boston
We Stand with Boston, As we enter Shabbat this week, our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with Boston, and with all of our colleagues, students, families and friends there. During this week’s Vigil for the Boston Marathon at Brown University, Brown RISD Hillel’s Rabbi Mordechai Rackover shared this poignant sentiment. “The hardest thing about being the survivor of terror or near-misses, and I’m speaking from my own unfortunate experience, is reclaiming sound. The boom of a truck going

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hillel Hotlines Have Sick Students Covered
It's easy to miss home when you’re sick at school. Fortunately, many campus Hillels have a solution.
mom away from home.” Talia Rueschemeyer-Bailey, a committee member at Brown RISD Hillel, with a Jewish Penicillin Hotline delivery. The students who run Brown RISD Hillel’s Penicillin Hotline, president of tzedek at Brown RISD Hillel, poses with a big pot of soup. Whoever says laughter, , Brown and Rhode Island School of Design Hillel, Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh, . Brown RISD students aren’t the only ones grateful for these soup services. Said Marlo Klorsein

Picture Perfect
Brown/RISD Hillel’s Engagement Internship and “Jews of Brown” have allowed me — and all of the students featured on the page — to reflect upon and strengthen the many ways we express our Jewish identities.
in a myriad of ways. Brown/RISD Hillel’s Engagement Internship and “Jews of Brown” have allowed me, of unique identities and stories. Hillel supported me in organizing a Jews of Brown gallery. Students, with Hillel International to create Jews of the University, which will use the “Jews of Brown” model, Picture Perfect, This piece was originally published in the Fall 2015 issue of the Hillel College, /blogger. I grew up in Las Vegas and created my own degree at Brown University — Evolutionary

Two Line Torah Vayakhel-Pekudei 5778 - Ever-Building the Mishkan
In this week’s double portion, we conclude the book of Exodus
plenty of space for “more.” Rabbi Alex Weissman, Senior Jewish Educator, Brown RISD Hillel