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I arrived at Columbia University — totally alone. Hillel allieviated my homesickness.
"With the help of the Hillel staff, we transformed our main hall into a makeshift theater."
I arrived at Columbia University — totally alone. Hillel allieviated my homesickness, “I arrived at Columbia University — totally alone. That changed my second semester when Jaimie Krass, director of engagement at Columbia/Barnard Hillel, asked me to grab coffee. She asked if I’d like to become involved in The Actualization Project, a fellowship that empowers students to use their passions to redesign the possibilities of Jewish life on campus. I used the opportunity to mount, , Columbia University

Challenging Checkpoints: A Success Story At Columbia
The following column is reprinted from the New York Jewish Week.By Eric J. SchorrSpecial to the Jewish WeekA recent Opin ...
Challenging Checkpoints: A Success Story At Columbia, Columbia University student, depicted the ostensible fragmentation and dissolution of the pro-Israel movement, especially a Columbia. It described the necessity to acknowledge the conflict at home, to boycott Sabra Hummus at Princeton University, mock checkpoints at Columbia and at Brooklyn College, is vice president of LionPAC, a pro-Israel advocacy group at Columbia University, and a StandWithUs, , the Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine staged a "mock Israeli checkpoint" on Low Plaza. Less

Two-Line Torah: Ha'azinu 5776--Past and Future
When arriving in college, many feel a newfound sense of independence, and with that freedom comes the desire to both dispense with the old.
from us. Dan Ross is Clergy Intern at Columbia/Barnard Hillel. Tess Cersonsky is a senior at Columbia University

Advancing Hillel
The need for young Jews to meet each other is great, and through collaboration, Hillel can provide for that need.
On Friday, November 22, Hillel development professionals joined together to discuss ideas, strategies, and future collaboration. Participants included representatives from Brown/RISD, Columbia/Barnard, Harvard, North Carolina, Northwestern, NYU, Penn, Princeton, Tufts, and Yale. Throughout the day, we learned from each other and from our distinguished guests: Kathy Okun from Columbia University, Coordinator for the Columbia/Barnard Hillel Student Board, and oversees the Columbia Hillel Advancement

I am raising my son to be immensely proud of his Jewish identity.
“Judaism is more than my religion — it’s my identity.”
“Judaism is more than my religion — it’s my identity. Every day, I am guided by my Jewish values to care for my community, or kehilla in Hebrew. I became involved with Acadia Park, a residence for student families at University of British Columbia, to support my neighbors and build a strong, united, Jewish identity and always act in accordance with Jewish values.” — Enav Zusman, University of British Columbia Enav Zusman is a recipient of the 2020 Hillel International Campus Leadership Award

Purim Sameach!
The holiday of Purim celebrates a reversal of fortune — the deliverance of the Jews of ancient Persia from persecution. Hillels from across the nation marked this boisterous holiday by chanting from Megillat Esther, making hamantaschen and performing spiels.
of their celebrations: Cornell University Hillel To prepare for the holiday, Jewish students gathered at Cornell University Hillel to decorate masks with feathers and rhinestones. One explanation for the custom of wearing costumes on Purim is because Queen Esther concealed her identity. Columbia/Barnard Hillel Students dressed in costumes piled into Columbia University/Barnard College Hillel, . The outbreak of the Coronavirus encouraged many Hillels, including Harvard University Hillel

Two-Line Torah: Passover 5776--First Step
Nahshon’s leadership inspired the community to trust each other, causing the seas to part and enabling their passage to safety.
to take the first step into the unknown. Allie Conn Kanter is Director of Engagement at Columbia/Barnard Hillel. Jackie Brown is a first-year student at Columbia University

Hillel helped me experience togetherness during a time of separation. So, I paid it forward.
When I started college in 2020, social isolation and Zoom calls were the norm. Finding community seemed impossible. Then, I learned about Koach, an egalitarian, Conservative-style minyan and community for students at Columbia/Barnard Hillel.
Hanin, Columbia University, As told to Rachel Bernstein, writer for the Hillel International Writers Program. “When I started college in 2020, social isolation and Zoom calls were the norm. Finding community seemed impossible. Then, I learned about Koach, an egalitarian, Conservative-style minyan and community for students at Columbia/Barnard Hillel. Koach offered in-person, socially-distanced programs. That was just

2017 Top 60 Schools by Jewish Population
Below are the lists of the 2017 top schools Jews choose, as published in the Hillel College Guide Magazine. You’ll find the lists of the Top 60 Public Universities by Jewish Population, Top 60 Private Universities by Jewish Population and the Top 60 Schools Jews Choose – a breakdown by percentage.
(West Hartford, CT) Columbia University (New York, NY) Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) Tufts, Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) Pace University (New York, NY) Columbia College Chicago, College: 4,000 Jewish students, 25% Columbia University: 1,500 Jewish students, 24% Haverford, University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) University of Central Florida (Oviedo, FL) University of Maryland (College Park, MD) University of Michigan (Ann

2012 Top 60 Schools by Jewish Student Population
Below is the list of colleges and universities with the largest Jewish undergraduate populations as published in Reform ...
students. Private Universities 1. New York University (New York City) 2. Boston University (Boston, MA) 3. Yeshiva University (New York City) 4. Columbia University (New York City) 5. George Washington University (Washington, DC) 6. Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) 7. Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) 8. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) 9. Tulane University and Newcomb College (New, Students, 32% 10. Goucher College: 450 Jewish Students, 30% 11. Columbia University, 3000 Jewish