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Recent Pro-Israel Activities
As the fall 2003-2004 semester draws to a close, Hillels around the world have continued to sponsor a variety of pro-act ...
from campuses including Purdue, Washington University, Michigan, Wayne State, Northwestern, Loyola, UniversityAmerican University students had a Table Talk and Tie Dye event in early December. Israeli students, as a student in Israel. After the questions, students tie-dyed the new American University Students, brought former Prime Minister Shimon Peres via satellite to Binghamton University. Peres spent one hour, band from New York City, performed on Binghamton University's campus. The event was sponsored

Hillel: Building the Jewish Social Network
Originally published on November 19, 2012 in eJewish Philanthropy Five years ago, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Ca ...
to share their life's questions." Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, now the educator at Northwestern University, they are. At the University of Texas one engagement intern in the business school reached out to other Jewish business, . As Rabbi Ben Berger, the educator at the Ohio State University explains, "It's not enough to hang up, of generations. At the University of Delaware, seniors facing graduation have clamored to participate

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, nourishing the student soul through initiatives such as YouVM Connectors at University of Vermont Hillel, University of Southern California Hillel University of Vermont Hillel Harvard Hillel, University Susan Becker Two-Line Torah Family Finding Family Away From Home, Tags: Brody Jewish Center of the University of Virginia Jewish Agency Israel, of Excellence Award Northwestern Hillel MIT Hillel Rabbi Josh Bolton Hillel

Bamidbar (Numbers) - Hillel
at Northwestern University Learn More Additional commentaries and text studies on Bamidbar, of the university. However, the lesson here is not one of uncertainty and anxiety. Hillel Meyerhoff Center, , Steinhardt Jewish Campus Service Corps Fellow, Hillel at University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignLearn, , Midwest Director of Hillel's Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Learning, University of Wisconsin, Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Learning and Campus Rabbi, Hillel at the University of Wisconsin

Shemot (Exodus) - Hillel
but not to goad us. Shabbat Shalom.Prepared by Akiva D. Roth, Hillel Director, Drew University, Madison, NJ, by Rabbi Jason Miller, assistant director, University of Michigan HillelLearn MoreAdditional, Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Learning, University of Wisconsin, , Midwest Director of Hillel's Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Learning Hillel at the University, and ability, so just do it!Prepared by Rabbi Meni Even-Israel, Campus Rabbi/Jewish Educator, University