Hillel International’s Center for Jewish and Israel Education (CJIE) and Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Experience envision that by the end of their college experience, Hillel students will be ready to make life choices informed by Jewish values, confident in crafting Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers, and eager to find their next steps in Jewish life. The CJIE aims to help students develop and grow their Jewish knowledge, friendships, and identity.


During the 2021-22 academic year, nearly 5,000 students learned together across 150 campus Hillels.

It is as important to learn from our students as it is for us to teach them and to meet them where they are. Engagement and education go hand-in-hand and allow us to create deeper connections as we go.

Amanda K. Weiss, Director of Jewish Leadership & Learning, Oregon Hillel

Our Three Pathways

When students come to college, they are searching for their place, presence, and purpose in the world. Hillel gives them space to grow through experiences that ask questions about self-exploration, connection to community, and becoming a leader. Hillel International offers resources to support cohorts of students learning on campuses. While these cohorts cover a variety of topics, they are based in the shared educational approach of engaging students on central questions.

The success of student cohorts and other opportunities is due in large part to the quality of the educators — the Hillel professionals who work with students. Hillel International works to build a movement of educators who have the skills, content, and confidence to lead their students in profound learning experiences by offering professional development opportunities at all levels and for all modes of learning. Professional educational experiences provide professionals with the opportunity to grow their connections to one another and their love of learning, as well as their skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Hillel International also centers Jewish learning in the culture of the Hillel movement, providing professionals on and off campus with access to resources, experiences, and models for personal growth and development in Jewish learning. From discussion sessions to annual all-staff gatherings to retreats designed for relaxing and unplugging, lessons can be found in every Hillel professional experience, stemming from a collective desire to continuously pursue Jewish learning.