Kol Yisrael (KY) is a 6-week cohort learning program for students to explore big ideas and big questions with Israel as a real-world case study. Employing Hillel’s Inquiry-Centered Model for Israel Education, students explore diverse perspectives and views from the Israeli landscape, cultivating resilient empathy for a world full of complex human experiences. Through engaging texts and universal values, Kol Yisrael enables learners to encounter others’ perspectives in a genuine way while also authentically bringing their own voices to the conversation.

Growing rapidly, Kol Yisrael currently serves more than 2,000 students on over 100 campuses, with an increasing number of partners each semester. Well suited as a fellowship for alumni of Birthright Israel and other immersive Israel experiences, the program is designed for students of all backgrounds and experiences.

Students discuss contemporary and historical topics on Israel as part of a Kol Yisrael cohort

Kol Yisrael’s Impact


of Kol Yisrael graduates said they are more confident participating in complex conversations about Israel with their peers


of Kol Yisrael graduates said they are interested in continuing to learn about Israel after the program’s conclusion