Understanding antisemitism and how it impacts Jewish students on campus today is critical for Hillel’s work to build strong and vibrant Jewish communities while keeping students safe. The videos below introduce students, faculty, and staff to the origins of antisemitism, how it manifests today, and how they can confront antisemitism when they encounter it.

These videos were designed to be viewed within the context of a larger educational curriculum, and we are pleased to offer consultations with educational institutions or organizations that are interested in the curriculum. If you are interested in building an antisemitism education training course, contact Hillel International’s Addressing Antisemitism Program at [email protected].

Trigger Warning: Some of the video content may cause you to feel uncomfortable or upset. If you have encountered antisemitism or other bigotries directly, this video series may trigger painful emotions. Caution is advised.

Video 1: What is Judaism? Who are Jews? (16 min)

This video introduces the origins of Judaism as an ancient civilization; its evolution as an ethnoreligion, culture, nation, and people; and discusses the diversity of Jews historically and today.

Video 2: History of Antisemitism (9 min)

This video explores the origins and evolution of antisemitism, as well as the antisemitic myths and tropes that persist from ancient times until the present day.

Video 3: Antisemitism Today (18 min)

This video examines how antisemitism manifests today, specifically on college campuses and in broader society. It articulates the ways in which Jewish students experience antisemitism on their campuses, and how both Jewish students and their allies can address it.


These videos were created in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, and were inspired by the work of the Antisemitism Education Initiative at the University of California Berkeley. Thank you to the dozens of students, Hillel professionals, and campus life colleagues who guided the creation of these videos, as well as to the following individuals: 

Adina Danzig Epelman and Tina Malka, Co-writers of the video scripts and Co-creators of this project

Sarah Lefton, Video Producer and Educator

Vlad Khaykin, National Director, Programs on Antisemitism, Anti-Defamation League

Ethan Katz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, U.C. Berkeley and Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman, Executive Director, Berkeley Hillel: co-authors of the film Antisemitism in our Midst: Past and Present; and co-founders of the Antisemitism Education Initiative at Berkeley

Rachel Fish, Ph.D., Educator and Scholar