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Just as every school is different, each Hillel is unique too. At Hillel, you’ll be able to participate in fun, meaningful, and powerful experiences that connect you to other students and to your campus community. And at Hillel, there are never any membership fees or dues. Students from all Jewish (and non-Jewish) backgrounds are welcome at Hillel!

Students skiing together. Menorah is visible on necklace hanging from student on the right's jacker.

What’s happening on campus? Hear from students, professionals, and Hillel community members whose lives have been impacted by Hillel and who impact the world with their voices and stories.

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Every student — no matter their gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion — deserves to feel safe and included. To create this atmosphere on more than 850 campuses, we’ve compiled resources to provide students and professionals with a starting point, helping them build and maintain a Hillel that puts safety and inclusivity first.

A Safe and Inclusive Community

Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, Passover — the list goes on. Holidays are an incredible time to connect with Jewish campus life, and in a way that’s new, fresh, and never boring. Hillel infuses new meaning into age-old traditions and holiday celebrations. Come see for yourself!

Jewish Holidays at Hillel
Group of three people, two of whom are holding two challot.

Hillel offers you the opportunity to participate in powerful, creative, and diverse educational programming so you can continue to grow your Jewish knowledge and identities. Never attended Hebrew school? Don’t know much about Jewish history? No problem! There’s NO Jewish knowledge required to participate. Students with all levels of Jewish knowledge and from all backgrounds are welcome.

Jewish Learning Fellowship
Penn State students building a structure on an alternative spring break

We inspire and empower Jewish and non-Jewish students to work together to make the world a better, more vibrant, and just place. Come see how!

Social Impact

Hillel offers the best way to see Israel for yourself — for free! Jewish students and young adults between the ages of 18-26 are eligible for a FREE, 10-day trip to discover the people, culture, and magic of Israel. Travel with your friends from campus or with other students from around the country. Yalla! (Let’s go!)

Free Birthright Israel Trip