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The news about antisemitism on campus and the Hamas-Israel War changes daily. At the same time, you may find yourself having difficult conversations with classmates, professors, and friends. Use this page to get up-to-date news, brush up on the history and impact of antisemitism, and find guidance on how to navigate difficult questions and conversations.

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Hillel International President and CEO Adam Lehman spoke with Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas for a segment on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” about rising antisemitism on college campuses.  Lehman shared, “This is not an issue of free speech. This is an issue of conduct, where people are … tearing down posters, where they’re engaging in physical misconduct.”

The Jewish-Muslim Dialogue Fellowship, a program created by Syracuse Hillel Rabbi Ethan Bair and Syracuse Imam Amir Durić, is bringing Jewish and Muslim students together for weekly interfaith discussions that build empathy and common ground. As tensions have increased between the two communities during the Israel-Hamas war, these students are using conversation to find comfort and solidarity with one another.

In response to rising antisemitism at Cornell University, students and faculty are holding a “Jewish Unity” rally on Sunday, with support from Cornell Hillel’s Cornellians for Israel (CFI). Just days ago, Cornell University engineering student Patrick Dai pleaded guilty to threatening to kill Jewish students on campus last fall.

Three Jewish groups filed a formal complaint this week with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, alleging the school “failed to address discrimination and harassment of Jewish and Israeli students on campus.” The complaint stated Jewish students at the university have “faced a litany of antisemitic incidents, verbal taunts, and threats” in addition to “outright physical assault” since October 7. See OSU Hillel’s response here.

A group of about 10 anti-Israel students interrupted an annual barbecue at the home of Berkeley School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky for graduating law students this week. In a letter, Chemerinsky said he was “deeply saddened” by this disruption and an antisemitic poster displayed before the event. He indicated that any students who protest at future events at his home will face disciplinary action by the school.

Hillel International’s Teach-in Tour is bringing Hillel’s educational approach and diverse perspectives on the history of Israel and the current conflict to dozens of college campuses.

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Get guidance on caring for yourself and your friends in tough times. Learn how to report and respond to antisemitic incidents on your campus.

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What is Zionism? How are Israel and Gaza connected? What does Hamas want to accomplish? Go in depth on these topics and more in Hillel’s Israel Explainer.

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Want to have respectful conversations about tough topics related to Israel and antisemitism? Check out some commonly asked questions and suggested answers below.

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