Jewish Students Face Increasing Levels of Antisemitism Following Hamas’ Terrorist Attack in Israel



October 19, 2023

Jewish college students are being threatened, harassed, and targeted at increasingly alarming rates. In this difficult and scary time, Hillel wants every Jewish student to know that they are not alone.  Whether you are seeking support from your campus Hillel, connecting with Hillel on social media, or leaning on your loved ones — Hillel is here for you. 

Here are just a few examples of incidents from campuses around the United States over the last week:

Cornell University:

Cornell University professor, Russell Rickford, who has a history of ideologically marginalizing Jewish students, called Hamas’ killing of more than 1,400 Jews “exhilarating” and “energizing.” Instead of condemning acts of terrorism, Professor Rickford celebrated Hamas’ actions. 

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Drexel University:

The words “F**k the Jews” and a swastika were found in an academic building’s bathroom at Drexel University on Friday, October 13.

Bryn Mawr College:

Students at Bryn Mawr College have been circulating photos accusing Jews of controlling the media.

Screenshots of photos shared by Bryn Mawr students accusing Jewish people of controlling the media

Stanford University:

At Stanford University, an instructor teaching a required undergraduate course reportedly asked Jewish and Israeli students to identify themselves during a class. 

The teacher then told the Jewish students to take their belongings, stand in a corner, and said “This is what Israel does to the Palestinians.” The instructor then asked, “How many people died in the Holocaust?” When a student answered, “Six million,” the lecturer said, “Colonizers killed more than six million. Israel is a colonizer.”

Hillel’s number one priority is the safety and well-being of Jewish college students. To report an antisemitic incident, please visit