How Hillel is Supporting Jewish Students Today

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At 850 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, and 16 countries around the world, Hillel is where Jewish students meet new friends, explore their interests, grab a cup of coffee, celebrate Jewish holidays, and kick back and take a break between classes. You’re invited!

Antisemitic incidents in the U.S. are at the highest levels on record, and college campuses are not immune from this trend. See how Hillel is making campuses safer spaces for Jewish students.

How Hillel Fights Antisemitism

As antisemitism on campus continues to rise, our global community of students, knowledgeable educators, and passionate Hillel staff are here with and for you. Find resources to support your mental health, safety, and more.

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Hillel International’s nonpartisan initiative to provide Jewish college students and their peers with the education and resources they need to mobilize and actually vote in elections.

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You’ve graduated college, and Hillel is still here for you! Whether you’re seeking professional networking and mentoring, career opportunities, or simply schmoozing with other Jewish grads, there’s so much more Hillel has to offer.

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Celebrating 100 years of hillel

For 100 years, Hillel has played an indispensable role in ensuring the continuity and strength of the Jewish people. Our professionals, student leaders, and volunteers have sparked generations of connections to Jewish life and commitment to Jewish values. And the first 100 years is only the beginning.

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If you think you wouldn’t fit in at Hillel, think again. Whether it’s a welcome week barbecue, an alternative break volunteer trip, a chocolate seder for Passover, or a place to de-stress before finals, Hillel offers something for every student.