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Let Hillel Help You Make a Plan to Vote

Making your plan to vote can sometimes feel like applying to college — a bit tedious, daunting, and like you’re always missing something. But, like applying to college, the reward on the other side can be great. Not only will you feel accomplished, but you’ll be able to hold your head high knowing that you showed up and participated in your civic duties.

Hillel’s MitzVote team is here to help you make voting easier. Like a lot easier. We’ve teamed up with some awesome civic engagement organizations, and we’re excited to help you along your 2024 voting journey! You’ve got this.


1. Find when your elections are being held:

From local, state, and federal-level elections, we’ve created an easy tool with our friends at Motivote to help you find when all of yours are being held!

2. Check your registration status:

After finding when your elections are being held, you’ll be prompted to verify your voter registration status online or through local election offices to ensure eligibility and participation in upcoming elections.

3. Decide how you’re going to cast your vote:

There are lots of options depending on your state laws, from mail-in ballots, to in-person early voting and in-person day-of voting. We know it can be hard to understand and choose which is best for you—especially when you’re living in a different state or county while attending college.

4. VOTE! Do the thing!

And make sure to celebrate after. You did it!

Get Involved!

Motivote is an all-inclusive voter engagement tool to support civic motivation and empowerment with other students on your campus through friendly competition with prizes, and tons of tools!

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This year, the US is facing an unprecedented shortage of poll workers which could lead to closed polling places and long delays. You can help make sure we have a safe, fair, efficient election for all voters by being a Poll Worker through Power the Polls.

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As a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer, you can assist voters who encounter any problems voting. Volunteers commit to taking at least one Election Day shift to help voters experiencing problems voting, which might include remotely monitoring polling places, driving between polling places, monitoring social media for voters with problems, proactively contacting voters, and much more.

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Want to learn more? Or have other questions?
We have answers!

In our opinion, everything! Learn more through classical Jewish texts, medieval rabbinic commentary, and texts from the modern day.

Short answer: yes! Long answer: learn more.

We love this question. Learn more about how to vote your values!

Everyone loves a plus one and we’re all for getting everyone involved. Learn more about our obligation to help others!

Systems like the United States’ voting and electoral system are never perfect and always have room for improvement. According to Pirkei Avot, you are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it (2:21). Learn More Now!

If you’re curious about how voting ties into the High Holidays, or just want to learn more, you’re in luck!
We’ve got more in one easily digestible place.

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Thank you HillelIntl for including a Humanistic Interpretation in your #MitzVote campaign. We voted!
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Are you voting today? #mitzvote #vote
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#Throwback to our #Mitzvote campaign in 2020! Mitzvote is back! Join us at Hillel on Thursday, October 20th, from 6:30-7:30 pm for Dinner and Democracy! Not registered to vote yet? We'll help you be ready for Election Day! Already registered? Help get the word out to vote! All of this will take place over pizza and snacks. #mitzvote #UVMHillel #Vermont #vote
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Are you ready to vote? 🗳️

Learn more about #MitzVote powered by Hillel International, which is helping Jewish students prepare for the upcoming election by providing resources about civic action and education at the link in our bio! Stay informed by watching our stories all week to learn more about  registration deadlines, who's on your ballot, your polling place, and more.
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I am now a registered voter in the state of Maryland!!! November 8th will be my first election! 🇺🇸🗳 #vote #independent #mitzvote
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As the Klehr Center for Jewish Life’s first civic engagement intern, James Overstreet helped more than 50 students register as first-time voters through #MitzVote, a nonpartisan program of hillelintl.

“I believe that discourse is fundamental to our democratic system. Being able to engage in conversation with people who have different beliefs than me is really important,” he said.

Click the link in our bio to read more about his efforts and the alumni support for the Klehr Center which made it possible.
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Statement of noNPARTISANSHIP

MitzVote is a program of Hillel International, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Neither MitzVote nor Hillel support or oppose candidates for public office or any political party. Our activities do not attempt to influence the outcome of a candidate election. We engage in nonpartisan efforts to encourage and educate students on voter registration and engagement.