The Campus Climate Initiative (CCI) collaborates with higher education administrators to ensure a positive campus climate in which Jewish students feel comfortable expressing their identity and values, free of antisemitism, harassment, or marginalization. We recognize that key administrative leaders play an essential role in effecting broad-based educational and policy change on campus, and that partnerships between campuses and Hillels can catalyze positive changes that benefit Jewish students and all students. The CCI model involves partnership between the college or university administration, local Hillel, and the CCI team. To date, more than 70 colleges and universities in North America participate in the Campus Climate Initiative. See below for the list of campuses that have received support and training from CCI since its start.

Best Practices and Principles:

Colleges and universities across the United States currently are facing serious challenges to bedrock goals and values of higher education: the discovery and dissemination of knowledge, and respect for free inquiry and diversity of viewpoints. Hillel International and the Academic Engagement Network have partnered to create this statement of Best Practices and Principles to assist higher education leaders and administrators in protecting and advancing these goals and values.

The Campus Climate Initiative (CCI) provides college and university administrators with opportunities to seriously explore these topics — and create meaningful action plans — alongside a community of peers from institutions around North America. This collaborative, educational, and practical experience offers administrators on participating campuses, in partnership with their local Hillel professionals, to engage together with us in:

Making Jewish students feel that they belong and are supported is a key university priority, a priority that our Hillel CCI work enables us to better meet.

– Lynn Mahoney, San Francisco State University President

As part of the participant experience, participating campuses will:

The workshops, trainings, resources and support have been invaluable to us as an institution. We are particularly appreciative of the cohort model as we get to learn from, and share with, our peers.

Tiffenia D. Archie, Ph.D. Associate Vice President & Chief Inclusion Officer, Temple University

56% of Jewish college students say their lives have been directly impacted by antisemitism on campus since October 7.

Antisemitic incidents on college campuses have increased by over 700% since last year.

CCI Participants

More than 75 colleges and universities have participated in the Campus Climate Initiative.

Protecting Jewish College Students

Jewish students should feel comfortable expressing their identity on campus. Always. Join the Campus Climate Initiative and explore tools to help our students feel supported through awareness, allyship, and action.