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Rutgers Hillel is a thriving, dynamic, diverse Jewish community dedicated to exploring and celebrating Judaism and everything it means to be Jewish. There isn't one specific type of Hillel student. We are as varied as the Jewish people. We are religious and non-religious. We are liberal and conservative. We are artists and scholars. We are social activists and party animals (sometimes both). We are everything in between and beyond. We are different, but we are all Jewish. Rutgers University is home to an estimated 6,400 Jewish undergraduate students. Rutgers Hillel is extraordinary in terms of its size, diversity and quality of programming. Our Hillel is a big, huge tent, spanning the full breadth of Jewish life, and also supports multiple student groups. Each sub-group provides opportunities for students to become involved as leaders, driving the programming and decision-making forward for their group and community. Through Hillel students build leadership, engagement, and organizing skills that benefit them on campus, in finding employment, and in life long after they graduate.

Undergraduate Enrollment

6,400 Jewish Students (17.7%*)
36,090 Students
*Percent of population

Graduate Enrollment

1,000 Jewish Students (7.0%*)
14,293 Students
*Percent of population

Jewish Experience

  • Served by Hillel Yes
  • Religious Services Available Yes
  • Hillel Rabbi/Senior Jewish Educator Yes
  • Kosher Food Available Yes
  • Birthright Israel Participation Yes
  • Alt Break Participation Yes
  • Jewish Studies Offered Yes
  • Jewish Studies Major or Minor Minor, Major
  • Study Abroad in Israel University sponsored program
  • Israel Fellow Yes
  • JLIC Educator Yes
  • Hillel Mental Health/Wellness Staff No

Campus Climate for Jewish Students

Kosher Dining

Hillel offers free Shabbat/holiday meals and often offers free dinners in conjunction with events during the week. There is a full-service kosher dairy restaurant in Hillel, Bistro 70, where students can purchase kosher meals or use Knight Express points through Rutgers Dining Services to acquire meals. Chabad runs a full-service kosher meal plan that is separate from the university. There are kosher restaurants and groceries of various kinds in nearby Highland Park.

Options: Meals available on shabbat/holidays only;Kosher food available nearby

Religious Services

We hold Orthodox services three times a day, Conservative services every Friday night and on Saturdays either in the morning or the afternoon. Reform services take place every Friday night.

Frequency: Contact this hillel

Additional Campus Information

  • Private/Public Public
  • Acceptance Rate 61%
  • U.S. Region Mid-Atlantic
  • Commuter/Residential Residential
  • Tuition In-State $15,804
  • Tuition Out-of-State $30,600
  • Out-of-State/Int’l 10% / 7%
  • Greek Life Yes

The Hillel College Guide aims to provide you with a snapshot of each local Hillel’s makeup and offerings. We recognize that there may be more information you need in order to better understand the campus reality, particularly around issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. If you would like additional information about a given campus’ offerings or action steps in those areas, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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