Hillel Students Come Together to Support Israel



October 9, 2023

Following the devastating attacks on Israel by Hamas terrorists this past weekend, Hillels around the world are holding vigils and rallies to remember and honor the Israelis who were killed, kidnapped, or injured, and to show their solidarity with Israel and Israelis. 

Here are some of the powerful programs and spaces that Jewish students are creating on campus right now:

Indiana University Hillel

Over 1,000 people, Jewish and non-Jewish students and community members, joined Indiana University Hillel in a powerful stance against the violence and hatred that Israel is experiencing this week. 

University of Maryland Hillel:

Terps For Israel, a Maryland Hillel student group, organized a community-wide vigil. Over 1,000 students, faculty, and community members shared grief for the present and hope for Israel’s future. 

University of Florida Hillel:

Over 1,000 students gather in support of Israel at the University of Florida

Students at the University of Florida (UF), the public university with the largest Jewish student population in the United States, gathered as a community with UF Hillel to mourn and show support for the victims of Hamas’s attacks on Israel this past weekend. 

Northwestern Hillel:

Jewish Wildcats gathered with Northwestern Hillel to sing, reflect, and lean on each other just days following the deadly attacks in Israel. 

Hillel at Stanford:

Over 300 students gathered at Stanford University with Hillel at Stanford for a candlelight vigil to honor and remember the lives lost this week in Israel. 

University of Wisconsin Hillel:

Over 600 people gathered in person and virtually with the University of Wisconsin (UW) Hillel community to show their support for Israel and to share hopes for peace. Led by UW Hillel students, the gathering centered around the Hillel community’s unwavering solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

Berkeley Hillel:

Students at University of California, Berkeley gathered with Berkeley Hillel to mourn and honor Israeli civilians and soldiers killed or injured in the violent attacks in Israel this week. Berkeley Hillel will also be offering space and support for students to process and discuss together as a community. 

Harvard Hillel:

Harvard Affiliates Gather at Hillel to Show Support and Grieve Amid Invasion of Israel

This post will continue to be updated throughout the week as Hillels continue to show their support and grief for Israel. Are you looking for more? Take a look at our Instagram post about how you can stand with Israel and support Jewish students on campus today.