You must be 18–26 years old and have finished high school by the trip departure date. If you’re turning 27 before May 1 (for summer trips) or Dec. 1 (for winter trips), you’re not eligible to participate in the upcoming season of trips.

*UK applicants must be 18–26 years old.

Jewish Background

To be eligible for Birthright Israel, one must identify as Jewish and be recognized as Jewish by their local community or by one of the recognized denominations of Judaism. Applicants must also have at least one Jewish birth parent, or have completed a Jewish conversion through a recognized Jewish denomination.

*Young Jews in the Former Soviet Union are eligible if they have at least one Jewish birth grandparent. Their Jewish heritage must also be verified by a local consul before they can be considered eligible.

Previous Israel Experience

If you have traveled to Israel with your family or for other personal matters, you’re still eligible for the trip!

You’re not eligible if…

For more information on trip eligibility, read Birthright Israel’s eligibility FAQs.