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IACT (Inspired, Active, Committed, Transformed) is Hillel International’s comprehensive strategy that leverages Birthright Israel to transform Jewish life on campus. Active on 34 campuses across the United States, IACT seeks to engage a critical mass of first and second year students in Jewish life on campus by inspiring, activating, and propelling young adults on a Jewish journey. IACT ensures Jewish students have the opportunity to engage with  meaningful immersive Israel experiences. By supporting students on a journey of Jewish discovery before, during, and after those experiences, IACT builds connected and committed campus communities.

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IACT supports students on their Jewish journey through these three pillars:

IACT helps Hillels reach the highest levels of success by providing funding, resources, and support for a dedicated campus professional who spearheads campus engagement.

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Creating impactful experiences around Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers) and Yom Haatzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day), is also a significant part of an IACT Coordinator’s work on campus. These week-long programs draw in hundreds of students to remember, learn, and celebrate. Yom Haatzmaut and Israel Week connect students to Israel in a positive way while getting them excited about the prospect of traveling there in the future. 

Get to know current
IACT Coordinators

Devin Davidson Inspires Students to Connect with Israel

For Devin Davidson, her own experiences in Israel were so powerful that they changed the trajectory of her goals for her college — and post-college — career.

Dan Kling Shares His Love for Israel with Students

Israel has always been part of Dan’s life. He fell in love with Israel on his first trip there, and wanted to share that love with others. 

Meet and Greet with Alina Mizrahi and Brian Burke

Learn more about what it takes to be an IACT Coordinator and get a behind-the-scenes look at the IACT Conference 2023 in Boston.


IACT was piloted in 2006 by Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston and scaled nationally by the Edward Fein Foundation. In 2020, IACT found a new home at Hillel International, boosting efficiency and scope via a robust campus infrastructure. Through generous funding, extensive resources, and ongoing support, IACT coordinators provide a launchpad for Jewish student growth.


Transform Jewish life on campus by inspiring increased engagement among Jewish students.


Ensure that every Jewish student has the opportunity to participate in a meaningful immersive Israel experience and be supported on a journey of Jewish discovery before, during, and after that experience.


Provide funding, resources, and support for a dedicated campus professional who will identify and engage first and second year students, inspire them to travel to Israel, and steward their involvement in Jewish campus life. 

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Our Impact


Hillels served by IACT coordinators across the country, representing 20% of Jewish college students


Undergraduate students engaged by IACT coordinators in 2023

Birthright Israel Winter and Summer 2022-2023


Total campus participants


IACT participants


IACT market share

The Journey is the Destination

To nurture engagement, IACT creates student connections and builds campus communities through value-oriented pillars — Jewish learning, Israel engagement, and community service.

IACT coordinators inspire and deepen Jewish life before students experience Israel. They organize orientation sessions, empower student leadership to plan events, teach Jewish and Israel learning cohorts, and have one-on-one conversations for each potential participant.

IACT coordinators develop individual Jewish and Israel engagement plans for each student, promote opportunities for students to return to Israel, integrate alumni into the existing Jewish and Israel organizations on campus, and inspire student leadership to create new initiatives.

IACT Coordinators at Summer 2022 IACT Training in Boston show their campus pride. 

Without a doubt, the IACT program has transformed what it means not just to travel to Israel on our campus, but what it means to be Jewish on our campus. Through the hard work and dedication of our IACT Coordinator, we have found immense success in student engagement and programming.

Nate Strauss
Assistant Director, Michigan State Hillel and Former iact coordinator

A Direct Pathway

IACT plays a key role in helping a wide range of Hillels connect more students with Israel.

Historic Partnership Leads Hillel International to Absorb IACT

By transitioning to Hillel International, IACT is building on successful national programming that strengthens Jewish student identities and relationships with Israel.

Antisemitism Conference Attracts Hundreds of College Students

IACT held its first “Antisemitism on Campus Today Student Leadership Assembly” in Pittsburgh on Nov. 24, 2019.