Announcing Hillel International’s Climate Action Plan



March 9, 2023

Hillel International is excited to announce the launch of its Climate Action Plan in partnership with Adamah. 

Hillel International is a founding signatory of the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition. The Coalition is made up of Jewish organizations committed to climate action. Each signatory commits to publishing and then following a Climate Action Plan. Hillel’s participation in the Coalition and our Climate Action Plan are Inspired by Jewish values, our students, and our obligation to the next generation. Through this Climate Action Plan and our participation in the Coalition, we are working with organizations across the Jewish nonprofit sector to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and build a more sustainable future together. 

Young people have been leading the Jewish community in recognizing, learning, advocating, and taking action about climate change. Many Hillel student leaders are deeply concerned about the impact of climate change, and are seeking opportunities to put their Jewish values into action around environmental sustainability. 

In response to this critical concern, Hillel International’s Social Impact department includes environmental sustainability and climate action as priority areas. Hillel also created an advisory committee to amplify current efforts on campuses and to guide the Hillel movement’s growing work in this area. 

As part of the Climate Action Plan, Hillel is dedicated to prioritizing organizational learning, student programming, a climate impact assessment, and a reduction of climate impact from conferences and events. 

The Jewish value of “Tikkun Olam (repairing the world)” continues to be a guiding value for Hillel as we move forward in addressing the climate crisis and how it impacts communities across the world.