Head On:
Facing Adversity

The struggles I have faced in my life — as a Black child who faced poverty, as an adoptee who learned of his Jewish identity later in life, and as an empowered advocate for my communities — are what have made me the man I am today.

Chosen One

I designed a card game that naturally sparks conversations about Jewish practices and identity without the pressure of a formal, educational program.

Opening Hearts and Minds

Converts make great Jewish leaders, so let’s treat them that way.

I Can’t Fast on Yom Kippur

That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m no longer embarrassed that I can’t observe the Holy Day in the same way that many of my peers do.

Closer to Home

What my parents feared would take me away from our Syrian Jewish roots has brought me even closer to them. Though I am 2,800 miles from Brooklyn, I am closer to—and prouder of—where I started.


The Power of Digital Storytelling

When I arrived on NYU’s campus, I imagined I would be creating content to post on each platform every day. But during those first few weeks, I learned that there was more to the job than I ever thought.

Leap of Faith

When I was selected to be a fellow, I was worried I wouldn’t be enough. But I realize now that I was meant to be here; I was meant to work with these students at this exact moment.