Hillel International’s Springboard Fellowship is a paid, two-year position for recent college graduates passionate about enhancing Jewish life on campuses across North America. Participants hone their talents and use them to engage students through a Jewish lens, infusing meaning into everyday life.

Applicants should be graduating seniors or recent graduates who have experience and a demonstrated interest in innovation, social justice, experiential Jewish education, entrepreneurship, or related fields. We’re looking for young professionals who are excited to positively impact the lives of hundreds of Jewish college students.

  • Application opens –  Jan 17
  • Application closes – Feb 17
    *Please note that the application deadline has been extended until February 26, 2023*
  • First round interviews – rolling until March 15
  • Campus round interviews – March 20 – April 11
  • Matches made by – April 28
  • Hire letters signed – May 5

Springboard fellows begin in early July. They participate in professional training as part of Hillel International’s New Professionals Institute, which takes place in the summer.

Each fellowship placement is for two years.

Fellows receive an annual base salary of $44,000 in year one of their fellowship and $46,500 in year two of their fellowship. (Depending on geographic location, some are given an adjusted cost of living salary above this minimum.) Additionally, fellows receive a comprehensive benefits package, which includes health insurance as well as generous vacation and sick time.

Fellows also participate in a number of intensive and immersive professional development opportunities, including New Professionals Institute, Hillel International Global Assembly, and an individualized course of study that may include travel or immersive learning.
*Fellows placed in Canada are offered a competitive salary per local compensation bands and standard salaries for entry-level employees at Hillels in Canada.

Part of the fellowship is designed to help you answer this very question. As you navigate your professional journey, we offer career coaching to our alumni and recent graduates to support them. Your next steps are completely up to you. 
Using the tools and experiences from their Springboard Fellowship, alumni have continued working with Hillel, stayed in the nonprofit world, attended graduate school, and pursued jobs in the corporate world. Of 150 Springboard alumni, nearly two-thirds are still working in the Jewish community, and over a quarter of Springboard alumni are working in the Hillel movement.

Whatever you decide, we’re confident that the Springboard Fellowship will be a great start to your professional journey, and we’re committed to helping you get to where you want to go.

A select group of Hillel campuses have promised to work with their fellows to afford them the opportunity to work at summer camp and complete their fellowship. The campuses with camp-friendly options will be posted in January.

Networking and forming relationships with other Springboard Fellows is a crucial part of the Fellowship.


Springboard fellows can select one of four separate tracks, each centered on a theme that enriches student lives on college campuses.

Innovation Specialists work with students to reimagine and redesign Jewish life on their terms. Fellows, who are trained in design thinking methodology, work with students to revamp two to three areas of Jewish life to better suit the 21st-century student. At the same time, their influence helps their Hillel become more creative in all of their work.

Not necessarily. Innovation comes in many forms. We’re looking for people who have big ideas, a keen understanding of people, and a willingness to take risks and fail forward. Your innovation experience might come from creating a new program or approach for an academic project. (Having experience in design thinking is an added bonus).

They empower students to work together to make change on a local and domestic level, guided by Jewish values, texts, and history. Social Justice Specialists work with students to identify and act on a variety of issue areas important to their campus by:
1. Building connections across campus communities
2. Creating space for students to learn about issues that matter to them
3. Helping them organize big projects (ex. Alternative Spring Break).

Yes! Social Justice Specialists come with a diverse set of skills, which might include professional experience, volunteerism, or coursework in community organizing. Our fellows understand that students connect with Jewish life, social justice, and community action in a number of ways. We encourage Social Justice Specialists to use their own experiences and passions to understand where they can affect successful change on campus.

Ezra Jewish Education Specialists infuse Jewish learning and conversation into their everyday work on campus. Trained in pluralistic Jewish experiential education, fellows are equipped to organize learning opportunities, devise innovative programming that expose students to Jewish life and culture in new ways, and lead immersive experiences (ex. Alternative Spring Breaks and Birthright Israel Trips).

Absolutely. Ezra Jewish Education Specialists draw on their rich Jewish experiences to bring Judaism to life on campus. They also receive training in Jewish education. Their participation in gap-year programs in Israel, Jewish camps, day schools, college level Jewish studies, youth groups, and more are all great prior experiences for the Ezra Jewish Education track.

Intrapreneurship Specialists work with students to drive change and impact by reimagining, refining, or adding to the work their Hillel does to create vibrant Jewish life. Trained in Adaptive Leadership, fellows build on their entrepreneurial skills to drive change within an organizational system. They understand their landscape, identify the opportunities for growth and change, map resources, and then design with all of those insights in mind.