Make your to-do list

Gather your Travel Documents including your passport (that is valid for 6 months after your return date) and any appropriate visas
Submit your required Medical Clearance Form and upload your signed version to the Birthright Israel application at least 55 days prior to departure.
View a Sample Itinerary 
Read our Safety and Security Guide
Start to pack! Packing List
Visit Gil Travel’s website for details on how to extend your trip.


All participants on Birthright Israel trips are required to have their own health insurance.

Hillel: Birthright Israel takes out a standard policy for all participants that covers them for any non-pre-existing condition that may arise in Israel (dehydration, flu, cold, etc.). Participants do not have to pay out of pocket for a doctor’s visit, but if the participant needs medication then they would likely need to cover these costs in Israel (for both mental or physical visits.) We recommend buying CTAS insurance.

Please consider signing up for supplemental insurance for the duration of the trip. This is over and above the basic insurance that we provide for you on the trip. You are of course free to take out any travel plan but the plan we recommend is CTAS, which is a reasonably priced and comprehensive plan.

*For an additional $10 you can receive coverage for your domestic flight connection.

Stay connected

You can rent a SIM card and an unlocked smart phone if needed. You can pick from a variety of packages that all include texts and calls to the US, an Israeli number, and data usage.

Extend your trip

You can extend your return flight for up to 90 days! All you have to do is pay the flight change fee.

For an overview of the extension process, you can see more here.

Check out these new Birthright Israel extension programs through Birthright Israel Plus!