IACT, Inspired, Active, Committed, Transformed, is Hillel’s comprehensive strategy that leverages Birthright Israel to transform Jewish life on campus. Hillel recognizes the greatest impact comes through the talented professionals that lead the work on campus. Among those professionals are Hillel’s resilient and driven IACT Coordinators.  As community builders, IACT coordinators ensure students receive ongoing support before, during, and after their Israel journey.


IACT was piloted in 2006 by Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston and scaled nationally by the Edward Fein Foundation. Hillel International acquired IACT in 2020, boosting efficiency and scope via a robust campus infrastructure. Through generous funding, extensive resources, and ongoing support, IACT coordinators provide a launchpad for Jewish student growth.

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Our Impact


Hillels served by IACT coordinators across the country, representing 20% of Jewish college students


Students engaged by IACT coordinators in 2022

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A Direct Pathway

IACT plays a key role in helping a wide range of Hillels connect more students with Israel.

Historic Partnership Leads Hillel International to Absorb IACT

By transitioning to Hillel International, IACT is building on successful national programming that strengthens Jewish student identities and relationships with Israel.

Antisemitism Conference Attracts Hundreds of College Students

IACT held its first “Antisemitism on Campus Today Student Leadership Assembly” in Pittsburgh on Nov. 24, 2019.

The Journey is the Destination

To nurture engagement, IACT offers comprehensive programs before and after students travel to Israel. With value-oriented pillars — Jewish learning, Israel engagement, and community service — IACT creates student connections and builds campus communities.

IACT coordinators are responsible for inspiring and deepening participation before students experience Israel. They organize orientation sessions, events, and one-on-one meetings for each potential participant.

IACT coordinators increase Jewish involvement on campus by maintaining regular, one-on-one contact with Birthright alumni and planning programs that involve Jewish learning, Israel education, and community service. They also develop individual Jewish and Israel involvement plans for each student, promote opportunities for students to return to Israel, integrate alumni into the existing Jewish and Israel organizations on campus, and so much more.