IACT Grants Awarded to Five Additional Campuses



February 23, 2024

Hillel International is proud to announce the expansion of the IACT (Inspired, Active, Committed, Transformed) Program to five new campuses, with grants awarded to Hillel Ontario – Hillel TMU (formerly Hillel Ryerson), Towson University Hillel, Hofstra University Hillel, Hillel at Drexel University, and Arizona State University Hillel. These IACT Bridge Grants are to transition a current staff member to an IACT position, or to hire a new IACT professional.

IACT professionals are elevating the field of Israel engagement and education on campus. Using their unique combination of engagement methodology with a deep appreciation for Israel, IACTs spark a lifelong relationship with Israel for thousands of students. Through Hillel’s proven relationship based engagement approach, IACT professionals lead students towards an enduring commitment to Jewish life and Israel.

Debbie Kail, Executive Director of Arizona State University Hillel said, “We are so grateful to officially become an IACT campus! Devin has learned so much from being a part of this cohort and we are proud she can offer a lot back to them too… This step recognizes Devin and our whole ASU team for doing this critical work that is all the more difficult in the current climate.”

The addition of five new campuses is in response to increased demand for relational, connected professionals to support students and campus Hillels, and to keep them engaged with Jewish life on campus. 

“Without a doubt, the IACT program has transformed what it means not just to travel to Israel on our campus, but what it means to be Jewish on our campus,” said Nate Strauss, Assistant Director of Michigan State Hillel and a former IACT Coordinator. “Through the hard work and dedication of our IACT Coordinator, we have found immense success in student engagement and programming.”

In 2023, IACT professionals served 29 Hillels across the country, representing 20% of Jewish college students in the United States, and engaged more than 4,600 students. The addition of new campuses marks the expansion of the IACT program into Canada, and a powerful response to the rising need for support around Israel and Jewish life on campus.

“I am incredibly proud of IACT’s recent 17% expansion, and I am excited for the future enhancements that are in store for the program,” Senior Director of IACT at Hillel International Rachel Hollander Sirner said. “IACT makes a significant impact on Jewish students and their connection to Israel which remains paramount, especially during the war with Hamas when we as Hillel have a responsibility to support students through conversations, learning, and Israel travel experiences.”

Interested in becoming an IACT professional? Let us know, and we’ll be in touch!