Jewish Education Resources

Hillel professionals can reference our robust library of Jewish content, including conversation guides and text studies, to better support college students.

The Hillel Playbook

At Hillel International, the Center for Jewish and Israel Education/Meyerhoff Center teaches our professionals to enrich their students’ interactions with Jewish content and depth. The Meyerhoff Center enables Hillel professionals to bring Judaism into the everyday, from student leadership meetings to service-learning trips to simple coffee conversations. By creating and disseminating content such as conversation guides as well as text studies for holidays and current events, the Meyerhoff Center empowers Hillel professionals to reach students wherever they are, and offers new ways to explore our heritage.

Jewish Sensibilities: An Interactive Guide

This curriculum (shown below) focuses on 10 Jewish Sensibilities, key values that have guided Jews in how they think about the world and how they live their lives for centuries. The curriculum encourages professionals to think about how to bring Jewish ideas to life for students, within activities that might be run by a Hillel.