Meet Jenny Miller



May 31, 2016

Jenny Miller may not be Jewish, but she is no stranger to Hillel. She had limited exposure to Judaism as an undergraduate at Wake Forest University, until a close friend invited her to Shabbat dinner. It wasn’t long until Jenny was hooked, regularly going to Hillel events and making friends with students active in Hillel and other areas of campus life. “Everyone at Hillel was always extremely welcoming,” Jenny shares. “We had a fantastic experience learning about Jewish culture and sharing delicious meals together.”

Now, as Hillel International’s executive assistant for strategy and social entrepreneurship, Jenny is honored to have the opportunity to give back. “I am fascinated by the diversity of ways that Hillel works with campuses to support Jewish students,” she says. “I am excited about participating in this work so that I can help students have positive Jewish experiences, just like I had while at school.”