Meet Sarah Lippman



January 30, 2018

For Sarah Lippman, pursuing a master’s degree in sustainability studies at Hofstra University while serving as a professional at Hofstra Hillel is a worthwhile challenge.

Lippman received her bachelor’s degree in sustainability studies from Hofstra University in May 2017. When offered a position at Hofstra Hillel — a role that was customized to blend her passions for environmental care and community outreach — she accepted on the spot.

“Taking care of the planet is a central theme of Judaism, but you don’t have to be a practicing Jew to care about the Earth,” said Lippman, who serves as a sustainability and engagement associate.

The 22-year-old has encouraged students to learn about sustainability through a Jewish lens by organizing events such as “Sukkot and Sustainability,” where Jewish and non-Jewish students gathered in the sukkah to discuss how land use, agriculture and water conservation relate to Sukkot.

In addition to sustainability-related events, Lippmann hopes to facilitate programs about self-care. Aware of the growing pressures  faced by college students, she wants to take steps “to help our students see our staff as partners in helping them look out for themselves.”

“It’s easy to negate the importance of self-care when school becomes too demanding,” Lippman said. “Conversations about invisible illnesses are becoming less taboo, and as Hillel professionals, we have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of these conversations.”