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What Parents Can Do for Their College Students

We know the brutal terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, subsequent war between Israel and Hamas, and impact on college campuses can be overwhelming for many Jewish students. Wondering how you can support your student through this incredibly difficult time? Hagar Ben-Eliezer, Berkeley Hillel Wellness Therapist, suggests the following strategies:

What it’s like to be a Jewish university student today: Mandi’s Story

The recent attacks in Israel have shocked the Jewish community across the nation. At Elon Hillel, we are processing, grieving, and sticking up for our community. As a student leader in the Jewish community, I want to offer comforting and empowering spaces and opportunities for my fellow students, while also dealing with the emotional trauma of losing friends, wondering whether other friends are alive, and watching my people get raped, murdered, and kidnapped. 

Colleges Must Support Their Jewish Students Without Equivocation

The heinous terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians have been devastating. We can’t even begin to express the pain being felt across the Jewish community as we watch the endless and mounting stories of the more than 1,300 children, teenagers, parents, grandparents, and entire families who have been murdered, kidnapped, and held hostage simply for being Jewish.

Thoughts and Rituals for One Heart Shabbat

While no one text, ritual, or act can bring calm or peace to this moment, we offer One Heart Shabbat, A Hillel Gathering as a way for Jewish students everywhere to join together in solidarity and strength, grounded by love and support as we pray for healing and peace for the State and People of Israel.

Six Amazing Hillel Sukkahs

Colleges and universities across the country welcomed new and returning students to campus this month. Enjoy this snapshot of programming for first-year students and beyond at Hillels all the way from Florida to Arizona.

A student holds a lulav and etrog in a sukkah.

What is Yom Kippur?

Imagine taking 365 days of self-reflection, and compressing it into one, single day. That, in essence, is Yom Kippur.