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A quick take on Teshuva

Traditionally, we use the time around the High Holidays to atone for our sins by seeking forgiveness from those we’ve wronged throughout the past year. Teshuva, or repentance, can take many forms, though. We asked three members of the Hillel community – a student, a rabbinic intern and a senior Jewish educator – to share their perspectives on what teshuva means to them.

Two-Line Torah: Ki Tavo 5776–Arrival

The room buzzes with a shared gratitude for the effort taken to arrive together at this meal. The stories we tell of arriving, however simple, make the present come alive with meaning.

Pursuing peace

This past summer, George Washington University senior Sydney Levin-Epstein and University of California, Irvine senior Lauren Kerner, both students active in their campus Hillels, took their professional pursuits to Israel to work with the Peres Center for Peace and YaLa Young Leaders.