A partnership at my Hillel can help fight for racial justice.



January 7, 2021

“Following the Black Lives Matter protests this summer, student leadership at our Hillel had a discussion to figure out how we could move forward and support the movement. 

“We wanted to do something that went beyond posting on Instagram or donating money, so we got in touch with the NAACP student chapter on our campus. We asked, ‘How can we support and form a partnership with them to educate our communities?’ We believe a partnership stands the test of time, and gives Hillel an opportunity to use our resources to help others, while sharing our own values. 

“[Though some might not associate a Hillel with racial justice work,] I’d say ‘why not?’ We have seen that we don’t have a lot of Jews of Color come to our Hillel, and we want to change that. We want to make sure our space is open to anyone and everyone. After all, that’s the mission of Hillel.” — Gabby Litevsky, Arizona State University