Even when I walk into a space that’s very gendered, I know I don’t have to subscribe to that.



January 24, 2019

“When I came out as nonbinary at Cincinnati Hillel, Landon Cohen, a transgender staff member, was there to support me. I struggled with my name change and using they/them pronouns. Knowing that I had someone who went through that kind of transition made coming out a lot easier for me. I knew that I could take my time with my transition and that Landon would still be there to advocate for my needs at Hillel. When I came out to my sorority sisters, I was worried how they’d react, especially since I helped create our campus chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi after realizing there wasn’t a group for Jewish women. I asked them if I was still allowed to be a member of SAEPi. They said, ‘Of course you can. That was never even a question.’ It was empowering to hear that. Not only did they accept and love me for who I am, but they were going to fight for my inclusion. As of December, I became the first transgender nonbinary Greek life president at the University of Cincinnati. I’ve learned that even when I walk into a space that’s very binary, very gendered, I don’t have to subscribe to that. I can still be there and be me.” — Elliot Draznin, University of Cincinnati