I’m from San Juan, a very welcoming and accepting place for Jewish people.



October 24, 2018

“I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has been extremely accepting of the Jewish people, and I’ve always felt like I had a home there and people were very welcoming and very accepting of who I was. When I decided to come to college I came to Elon University and, as well, it was extremely welcoming and there was a huge diversity of people that I had never experienced coming from a very small island. I love talking to people, meeting people — especially people in Hillel, of different Jewish backgrounds — and I’ve honestly really utilized Hillel’s resources this summer when I worked at the Office of Sustainability here. So I came here every day to grab a coffee and have lunch with a friend, and it’s honestly been feeling so much like home. I got to meet the staff and it was always a great time to have a conversation here, and they really really made me feel like I had a place and that I actually belong here at Elon University.” — Hannah Greenfader, Elon University