We don’t share the same faith, but our support of each other has opened our minds.



July 26, 2018

“My fiancé Michael and I met in a film class during my junior year of high school and his senior year. I’m Jewish and he’s Episcopalian. But I liked him and he liked me, and I thought this could be something great. Turns out it was and still is. We both ended up at Penn State University after high school. Growing up in a strong Jewish community encouraged me to become co-chair of the Student Life Committee at Penn State Hillel and lead Shabbat services every week. And Michael would come with me each Shabbat. The Hillel community wasn’t just my campus family — it was our campus family. Hillel accepted and welcomed us as an interfaith couple. And that’s what made it the perfect place for Michael to propose to me at a Shabbat dinner two years ago and the perfect place for our upcoming wedding, which will be officiated by Rob France, the previous assistant director of Penn State Hillel. Over the years, Michael and I have found ways to appreciate and celebrate each other’s traditions. Even though we don’t share the same faith, our support of each other has helped us become more open minded and has brought us closer together as a couple.” — Miriam Boulter, Pennsylvania State University ’17